2nd February 2016 Supply and Demand Levels Technical Live Analysis Webinar

Thanks for attending today’s live webinar. Thanks a lot to all those who attended and asked questions, a bigger thank you to those who dared to volunteer with their own analysis. It’s not easy to be in front of an audience and make a top down analysis, not easy at all, so congratulations for doing it. Thank you James, Bassam, Joseph, Raiyan and all the others.

We made a top down analysis of several instruments, not just Forex pairs, we also looked some indexes and stocks, as well as gold and silver. It was medium/longer term analysis. Your analysis and entries will exclusively depend on the timeframe combination you have chosen to trade in your trading plan. I personally use Monthly, Weekly and Daily timeframes, I use H4 under certain scenarios but not that often.

These are the instruments we analysed today together with their longer term bias.
– NIFTY NSE Indian Index. Temporary short bias
– Tata Steel (Indian Stock). Short bias
– USD/HUF. Long bias
– French CAC 40 index. Short bias
– Crude Oil (Brent, UK Oil). Short bias
– GBP/USD. Short bias
– Gold. Short bias
– Silver. Short bias
– USD/JPY. Long bias

More information at http://www.set-and-forget.com



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