21st October Supply and Demand strategy technical analysis GBPJPY USDJPY DOLLAR INDEX

We went over the basics again today, it’s always good to re-visit the basic and core set of rules because sometimes we take some things for granted which is probably affecting the way we look at the markets and the overall analysis.

Today’s session was a live trading analysis, but at the end of it we also had contributions from some of the attendees, a big thank you to those who volunteered, James, Nick and Raiyan, you all did a great job, it’s not easy when you are alone in front of the screen and I start asking questions.

We analyzed USD/JPY, DOLLAR INDEX and GBP/JPY in quite a lot of detail using the Monthly, Weekly and Daily timeframes by following the main basic rules set at Set and Forget and covered some nuances like closing above/below previous zone, when a zone is considered a valid and tradable zone, and how to make a top down analysis using the sequence.

More information at http://www.set-and-forget.com



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